Breakfast at MTR

Date: 24-08-2020 By: rakshakcr       Views: 64

I had heard a lot of people making it a routine to go to MTR after going to Lalbagh, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It sounded like a must-visit place in Bengaluru and I wasn't new here. Hence, I had a strong urge to go there. We reached there by 8 o' clock. As we ascend the steps, we can see black-and-white pictures of eminent people in the

Angel Tax.... A Saviour For Startups

Date: 24-06-2020 By: Guru Raja Bhat       Views: 33

Before understanding the concept of an Angel Tax, let’s know, who is an Angel? Imagine a situation when you have a brilliant business idea but you do not have adequate funds to execute your idea and you look for different sources to fund your business idea. That’s where an investor comes in to rescue you from the funding problem and invests